Update week 30 – Family Babymoon

Wow, de weken bij baby nummer 3 vliegen echt voorbij!
Het is nou niet dat ik er niet aan herinnert wordt, want mijn buik groeit net zo hard! Mijn lieve vriendinnetje zei gisteren nog; “het is net of je een voetbal onder je shirt hebt.”
Heel hoog tijd voor een updateje!

De babymoon is een hot destination tegenwoordig, want nog even genieten met z’n, uhm…vieren dan?
Het idee is natuurlijk dat je nog even tijd voor elkaar hebt en kunt relaxen en het tweede trimester is dan de uitgelezen periode omdat je je dan vaak het lekkerst voelt.
Wij kozen voor een babymoon met onze kids, omdat ook zij onze tijd en aandacht verdienen en wij daar intens van kunnen genieten. Dus op zoek naar de perfecte plek voor een weekje quality time met de liefsten!

Ik verdrink op internet en ben dan snel overprikkeld door het enorme aanbod. Maar wilde wel een super week to remember! En aangezien we maar 1 week konden gaan, wilde ik ook geen onzekerheidje qua zon, dus we kozen voor Egypte, de jongens kunnen daar heerlijk duiken en ik kon samen met Reve heerlijk relaxen.
Daarna werd het makkelijker; 5 sterren luxe? CHECK! Waterpark? CHECK! (privé)zwembad aan je terras? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! Hoe fijn was dat!
De jongens konden naar hartenlust genieten van alle waterfun en dat soort stoere dingen en ik kon heerlijk 2 uur per dag de diva uithangen op mijn loungebed aan mijn eigen zwembad en toch Reve in de gaten houden tijdens haar middagdutje!

Het was een heerlijke week voor ons allemaal en wat mij betreft een dikke aanrader om je babymoon met je gezinnetje te doen! Van al dat gerelax is mijn buik nog lekkerder gegroeid, maar ik kan nog steeds rechtop staan 😉
En die grootste diva? Dat was stiekem toch Reve, zodra ze wakker werd wilde ze niks liever als rondgereden worden in haar nieuwe Nuna, het mini waterpark onveilig maken of flirten met eigenlijk iedereen die ze tegenkomt (arme papa) en dat in haar mini Leopard bikinitje!

TALK kick off | Beauty by Zizi

This is the kick-off of a brand new item on the website TALK! In this item we search for true powerwomen! Women with a busy life; we say an amazing –or dream- job we admire, most of them will live together with her hubby (to be) and sometimes her  kids are playing around and still look fabulous, these women who want to learn everyday and live to the fullest!  This is the kind of woman who inspires us and we want to know all about her!

So we hope you will enjoy this item as much as we do!
We proudly present to you TALK, with of course in this first item we TALK about Zizi, founder & owner of BeautyByZizi

Meet me, Zizi, I am founder & owner of BeautyByZizi, I would describe myself as a powerfull but yet sensitive and a bit blond kind of a woman. I have my own website, which is all about all things pretty. I work in my own beauty&make-up studio, and also working as a make-up artist for magazines, artists & shows.
I live together with my two BIG loves –my hubby & my baby boy which actually is 10 years old, in our cute new house in
‘s-Hertogenbosch. For me health & happiness are the two greatest gifts in live, so food from my kitchen as sure is healthy and yummy and I work out 3 times a week. Let’s take a look!

Rise & Shine!
I wash my face with just fresh water in the morning, followed with my day collagen by !QMS, this is my true skin saver. As a moisturizer I use whatever my skin needs, sometimes it is a moisturizer, on other days I use a face oil.


07.45 Breakfast!
For me, enjoying our meals together are really important! So to have the best start of the day, we have breakfast with a packed table, we chitchat about our dreams of last night and of the day to come.  I love my oatmeal, or porridge, in the morning! I really have to try not to eat this every morning, because diversion is also important.  To make a great porridge, it always takes some time, but now I discovered N’Oats by MyMuesli, this is amazing! All pure, great taste and believe it, ready in only 3 minutes, I just add ome blueberries, raspberries and walnuts.


Ready for School!
No, not me, my little man heads over to school, I try to take him every day, if the wetter allows it, we go by bike.

Gym! Not every day, but I try to have a good, intense workout (about an hour) for 3 times a week.
Now I follow a die-hard program with my personal trainer Patrick. It’s a great motivation to keep track of your results with, oh yes, pictures and measures! Jump over to see the latest post about my training.


Studio time!
My studio is my office, here I work on my website and give my workshops or private one-on-ones. It’s a great joy every day, to do what you absolutely love! To inspire others and let them see the best version of themselves and let them leave with a  love & great self esteem,- make people happy – is one of the best things in the world.

Of course a healthy one. I love veggies! In spring & summer I choose rich homemade salads, during the darker months I choose hot meals, mostly soups for lunch.


Dinner with my loves
Actually at this this, sometimes a little later because work is never done, I start preparing dinner. Always fresh, with a lot of veggies and every day something else – we don’t like boring, so we love trying new tastes. I love the Asian Cuisine, veggies & fish, but my little man loves pasta’s & meat, so we compromise, both we eat once a week.
No phones, television on the table, dinner is all about each other and our days, for us this is the best part of the day, pure happiness!
After dinner we always make time for playing a little game together.

Good night, baby!
Taking my boy to bed, I try to take him myself, but with a busy schedule, I am lucky with a great hubby who takes him.
We have the same bedtime ritual as 10 years ago, every night I tell him he is the most important person in my life and my greatest love, that I am proud of him and that he can achieve anything in his life and always cherish his dreams.

Time to catch up!
Most of the time it’s catching up on my work, but every night I make time to cuddle with my hubby, if only for 5 minutes.

Night, night!
A good sleep, is the base of an energetic day and a great complexion. We have a luxurious kingsize bed and I swear by satin sheets, it keeps your skin soft and wrinkleless and your hair shiny. Summer or winter I always ventilate and love being waked by the sun!  Oh, and I never ever went to sleep without a kiss!